Facebook Ad Campaign

Understanding how vital facebook ads are becoming a staple part of almost every social media strategy. And if you want your posts to be seen on facebook, then it’s becoming more likely that you’ll have to pay for reach with facebook ads. 

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Paid advertising on facebook is one of the most immediate ways to impact the reach of your content. Though it’s not without these questions. How well do these ads work? What kind of engagement will you get? And what will you do except for your hard earned money?

In this article I’ll tell you how well you can set up an effective facebook ad campaign. Now let’s jump into it. 

How to set up an effective facebook ad campaign 

Step 1: set goals for your facebook ads

Before moving forward, first you have to think about what you are aiming for and what your goal is. Where do you want to reach? By setting yourself some goals and heading forward with live ads, you also have to measure your success against. 

For example if you’re setting a goal of downloading a mobile app through your facebook ad then you should aim for 100 downloads for the first month. This will also help when choosing the right objective for your facebook ad campaigns.

 Below are some examples that your goals should be:

  • Increase traffic to your website from facebook
  • Increase audience to your event
  • Facebook lead generation
  • Increase the reach of content from facebook
  • Boost engagement of facebook page

Step 2: head over to facebook ads manager

All of your facebook ad campaigns run through the facebook ads manager tool, which you can access via a direct link at facebook, or by clicking “manage ads” in the drop down option on your facebook account, or by clicking on any of the CTA’s on your facebook page. 

Once you are on the ads manager page you can navigate with the menu on the left hand side of the page. To get the ad start click on the green button on the right hand side of the corner. 

Step 3: choose your objective

When you click to create your facebook ad, you will be taken to a page where you will choose the objective of your campaign. With facebook you’ve many options for approaching an ad campaign. 

Below are the ways which can benefit you for your ad campaign:


Objectives that create interest among people for your product and services:

  • Boosts up your posts
  • Promote your page
  • Reach out to people near your business
  • Increase your brand awareness
  • Increases your reach


Objective that force people to think of your business:

  • Send people on and aff facebook destination
  • Get installs of your app by people
  • Increase your audience
  • Get views on your videos
  • Collect leads for the business


Objectives that encourages people to be interested in your business and buy you products and services:

  • Increase audience on your website
  • Increase engagement in your app
  • Get people to claim you offer which can help your business to grow
  • Promote your products and services

Step 4: define your audience and budget 

Customize your target audience

This step is very important for your successful facebook ads campaigns. The audience for your ads can be customised on the basis of the following demographics:

  • Location, it can be any country, state, city, town, etc. 
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Languages
  • Interests- facebook personally watches the person’s interest and the pages they follow.
  • Behaviours- things like purchase, intent and device usage all comes in behaviour
  • Connections- try and show your ad to everyone.

Also, you can choose advanced targeting, which lets you include or exclude people who are connected to certain pages, apps, or events. Further you can customize your targeting using custom audiences to retarget people who have already interacted with your business.

Setting your budget 

Once you have selected your target audience next you have to choose your budget, like how much you have to spend. Once you have decided your budget this shows that this is the highest amount of money or figure you would like to spend on your ad. You can also set your budget to daily and lifetime.

  • Daily- a daily budget will be the average budget you’ll spend daily.
  • Lifetime- a lifetime budget will be the maximum budget you’ll spend your whole lifetime of your advert. 

Step 5: create your advert

Now it’s time to choose images, videos, headlines, body text, and where your ad will be displayed on facebook. You’ll get  90 characters to share a quick message that will appear above your image(s) or video. Here are two ways to create an advert.

Use an existing post

For these types of adverts, like boosting posts you can create your ad using an existing post that’s already been shared on your Facebook Page. To enable this select “use existing post” option from the facebook ads manager dashboard. 

Creating a new advert

If you want to create an advert from a blank canvas, the first thing you’ll do is to select the type of advert. Facebook adverts look different from the results you want. Facebook offers these adverts formats:

  • Carousel- create an advert with 2 images or videos
  • Single image- you can create 6 variations of your image with single image
  • Single video- you can create one video with advert
  • Slideshow- you can create a looping video with 10 images
  • Canvas- you can tell a meaningful story by combining videos and images

Step 6: choose your ad placement 

Advert placement shows where your advert is shown and with facebook ads you are able to choose which location your advert will appear. Your adverts can be shown in facebook’s mobile feed, desktop news feed and at the right column. You can also make your adverts appear on instagram.