Advertising design and graphic design is like 2 faces of coin. Graphic Designer see the professional creative sites. They use there skills to represent brand. On the Other hand Advertising Designer can be considered Hybrid design  of marketing strategy 

Main Focus

Graphic Designer –  They are mainly focus on little more on logo , typography sign etc.

Advertising Designer – They are mainly focus to make to sell a product or services.

Some Similar Points How they play different role: 

Creative Freedom: 

Graphic Designer are able to express there creative side in there work there are many different field on design to work on like editorial, illustrator, identity design etc. 

Advertising Designer require a more strategic approach rather then creative like advertising design flyers can be fun but it must look professional must include the benefits of products and services. It create sale static and is used to the purpose only.

Different Approach to research:

Graphic Design work with images and text in order to appealing brand assets like brochure, logos, advertisement and website are just few but there is just a lot of pre-planning to do before designing  Graphic Designer go through a project like basic layout with not yet. The next step that launch the creative process and has a draft to summarize the ideas.

Advertising Design take various things into consideration before starting a project like market research and positioning, value pre-position and consumer research.

Difference in Priority:

Graphic Design has a huge contribution to marketing and tend to hell with sale conversion. Hence company value give a business, personality to help to connect with consumer attract a bored audience through advertising.

Advertising Designer does not focus on technical aspect. So there intention are to introduce a product. Advertisement are a communication tool to the consumer  for there product or services advertising will be based for more T.V. , radio, and other form of media including copy writing.

Difference in Style:

Graphic Designer create contrast through color, tone, size, shape, and direction.
Advertising Designer work towards a more direct lift up in there efforts. So there style will not be fancy as a graphic design ads.