linkedin strategies for b2b leads

Content is the main king. For any business or marketing space content is the main source for generating leads. If you have your content game strong, then no one is stopping you from reaching to heights. Also this won’t matter until you don’t have the right audience, and this would be quite challenging for b2b brands. But thankfully, linkedin is helping us with generating leads in linkedin strategies for b2b leads.

In b2b space, linkedin really helps to set up the plate. As linkedin has a publishing platform and career centric approach to social media, linkedin has become a prime factor to share the content. For b2b companies linkedin strategies for b2b leads helps to generate 80% of the b2b leads on social media. 

Now that anyone can post a video or publish an article on this professional networking site, companies can easily target their potential customers, influencers and brand advocates all in one spot. And this puts linkedin right at the heart of any solid marketing strategy. 

Here are some tips on how to generate b2b leads on linkedin:

  1. By using it: As simple as it sounds. You have to use your linkedin account for better results. Stay active on your account, connect with your audiences and colleagues. Also don’t forget to post regularly.
  2. Maximize the platform by upgrading: In the beginning you have to invest some amount. Get upgraded features like Inmail which allows you to send direct messages to anyone with a linkedin account, regardless of if they are on your network or not.
  3.  Make sure to complete your profile: Around 40% of your success lies in the completion of your profile. If your profile is completed then there are more chances to be shown in the search results. 
  4. Research your prospectus: The main thing about linkedin is that it searches for the people who are currently at the company, and people working with some job titles. You can also use it to search prospectus companies and compare them on the basis of their factors. 
  5. Collect leads: Linkedin ad’s optional feature called lead collection, allows advertisers to collect leads from linkedin ad’s campaign. Members who will click that ad will be taken to your account with a “request contact button”. This is a great way for the users to connect with your brand with ease and an incredible way for you generate more b2b leads.
  6. Market yourself: Social network is all about people. Represent yourself as an individual from your company. Become a trusted leader of your company by regularly posting status, valuable content and participating in groups. 

Regularly check who viewed your profile and determine who has an interest in your brand. A target customer sniffing around your profile is a good chance to reach to them and ask them what they need. 
So these are some linkedin strategies for b2b leads, if you want to know in brief then you can come to Atomic Technologies. We have a hard working team and they know how to make clients happy by doing their job.