If you are into online or offline business you must have thought of putting ads and earning money through it. But have you ever thought of how you would create your banner ad design so that more people will click on it. Banner design plays the most vital role in engaging with your audience.

What is banner design

Banner ad design is one of the most fruitful forms of marketing in online business and it comes in all shapes and sizes. Web banner design is all about creating the most clickable ad possible. 

Banner ads are advertisements that showcase a product or brand and link it to the owner’s website. Many companies and agencies use this because it is affordable, measurable and a great medium to enhance your business. 

How do you create great banner ads?

So, how will you create banner ads which are attractive to customers and you’ll get the clicks also. Below are some of the points you can keep in mind before creating your ad design.

  1. Place your banner ads correctly: Place your ad on your website in such a way that it is clearly visible to your audience. You can purchase the space also for placing your ad in the right place. 
  2. Your company logo: Your company logo must be there on the ad to build brand awareness. Make sure it is visually dominant. 
  3. The call to action: The call to action is a button that invites users to click on your ads. Phrases like “watch now” or “learn more” or get started” are the examples of this. Phrases like these should be the main focus of your ad.
  4. Keep it simple: Your ad should be simple and attractive. Viewers are only going to see your ad for a second. 
  5. Make your text instantly readable: Make your headline and body copy of different sizes. Don’t use cursive fonts, uppercase fonts and fonts less than 10 pt. Use smaller fonts only when it is a disclaimer or copyright notice. 
  6. Use animation: Animated banner ad design is one of the most effective banner ad designs but make sure it doesn’t distract from the message of your ad. Make simple and sober animations and that should not last more than 10 seconds. And also make sure it doesn’t loop more than 3 times. 
  7. Use the most standard banner sizes: Make sure your banner size either is not so big nor so small. Keep it to a standard size, it will look more effective. 

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