Mobile App Development

For creating app first of all creating a software. So that we can a mobile app. It is like a wireless communicating devices. Now a days every people have there own personal mobile phone. It is light in weight so that easily anybody carry. Anytime they can open any app. App development is like we can pre-installed or a best app development companies can also installed the app. App making company know that the dimensions, size, screen, inputs and mobility as outline of the design.

Mobile app making company making app on two platforms 

  1. Ios
  2. Android

iOS: iOS is an apple mobile software that only runs in iphone, ipad, ipod touch hardware. This needs the Mac computer updated with the latest version.

How to build an iOS App:

  1. Perform An In-Depth
  2. Check App Store Guidelines
  3. Design The App
  4. Develop The App
  5. Test The App

Android: There are many different android devices that was made by many defferent-different manufacturers. Android only create android app because they want to become the king of the market.

How to build an android App:

  1. Install Android Studio
  2. Open a New Project
  3. Edit The Welcome Message In The Main Activity
  4. Add  a Button To The Main Activity
  5. Create a Second Activity
  6. Write The Button’s “Onclick” Method
  7. Test The Application
  8. Up, Up, And Away
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