Pay Per Click Advertisement

Pay Per Click can be a very powerful tool that can grow your business rapidly. If your dream is to grow your online visibility, generate more leads, attract more clients and drive traffic, PPC best pay per click adv. is the best for all these things. But before you gain all these benefits you need to know what PPC is, how it works and how to best optimize your ads to fully utilize your budget and attract your ideal audience.

Best Pay Per Click adv., is a tactic where a brand puts an ad and pays each time a user clicks on it. The cost is only incurred when users engage with ads.

PPC is basically of two types:-

1. Search advertising:  Ads that appear as search results on search engine results pages.

2. Display advertising: Ads that appear as graphics, videos, posts typically found on social media comes in this category.

How much is PPC advertising?

Online advertising is not like giving money to a magazine agency and get a full cover photo instead in PPC you will be paid when someone will click on your ad. In offline advertising you tend to pay a fee regardless of the results you achieve. But with PPC you’ve got more control about how consumers engage in your ad. The main advantage in online advertising is how much you bid. The quality of your ad plays a huge part as well. 

Is PPC Marketing right for company

Likewise in any business, pay per click also has its advantages and disadvantages. Ideally your company will use PPC as a complete digital marketing strategy so you have to maximize your strength and minimize your weakness. If you are finding a company who are reliable and can do this best for your company then no one is better than Atomic technologies. We are the best in all over Delhi NCR, we have the best team, who are fully trained and will fulfill all your wishes.

Understanding your google ads account

Keywords are the terms targeted within your campaign. You select the terms you think your audience will search for. When users search for those terms, they may see your search ad on SERPs.

Campaigns are the top-level organizational structure of your account within Google Ads

. They are usually organized to reflect a specific theme related to your business. You can have one or more campaigns within your Google account. Guidelines you set within a campaign include budget, language, location, distribution for the Google Network, and more. Within a campaign, you can have one or more ad groups

Budget is the amount you want to spend on your campaign. You use this to specify how much, on average, you’d like to spend each day. Later in this post, we’ll look closer at how to choose a budget and set bids for your ads..

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