PHP is open Source server- side programming / Scripting language that is especially suited for php web application development and can be embedded into HTML. It stands for Hypertext preprocessor but it’s original name, Personal Home Page. PHP was created by Ramsum Lerdorf in 1994. It runs on various platforms Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X , etc. It is compatible with almost all servers Apache, IIS, etc. PHP is widely-use open source general purpose Server side Scripting Language. It is executed on the server. The latest PHP version currently is PHP 7.4.

What we can do with php web application development

  • Generate Dynamic Page
  • Handle button clicks, radio button
  • Create Database Application
  • Client/server Application
  • Student Registration
  • Online Course
  • Online Shopping Cart

Important things you must know about php:

  1. PHP is an integrated language that does not require a  compiler.
  2. To run the PHP code and execute it, we need a web-server from which the PHP should installed.
  3. PHP is a server side scripting language.

Uses of PHP

  1. It can encrypt Data
  2. Find Today’s data
  3. Create Dynamic Website 
  4. Send & Receive e-mails 
  5. Count Visitors on site
  6. Create login Page
  7. Connect Web Page with Database
  8. Restrict User on Site
  9. It can Handle Forms
  10. To Access Cookies
  11. Interact with Web Server
  12. To Interact with Database

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