Retargeting enables you to remind your customers of your products and services. After they leave your website buying. It allows you to show your visitors relevant ads when they visit other sites. Retargeting works with apps and search as well as website banner ads. Serious marketers today use re targeting as a vital tool to connect with their customers and increase their sales. If you run a small business and sell stuff online, you know advertising plays a critical role in driving people to your website.

Why is re-targeting important?

It would be ideal if customers make a purchase on their first visit to your website. Unfortunately it is not possible every time, so that’s where retargeting is used.

  • Re-targeting helps to remind someone of their favorite product. As they are browsing through the internet, whether they are on social media, their favorite news site or researching your competitors. 
  • You can choose from a variety of ways to segment people based on their traits or behavior but target them accordingly, which allows you to create a relevant advertising experience that drives more purchase. 
  • No matter which segment you are using. If you are targeting a group of people who have already indicated that they are interested in your brand simply by visiting your site.

Why is re-targeting so effective?

Retargeting generates greater online sales. By keeping your brand front and center and bringing. “Window shoppers” back when they’re ready to buy. Every time your customer sees your retargeting ads, your brand gains traction and more recognition. The high click-through rates can increased conversions that are typical with retargeting campaigns underscore the value of good branding and repeated exposure.

When to use re-targeting campaigns?

  • Re-targeting is meant to be a long term marketing strategy for those who are in businesses from a long time. If your website is visited by at least 100 visitors per month. Then Google re-marketing ads are definitely for you. 
  • Promoting bestsellers: Re-targeting is the most simple & effective way to showcase your products. And promoting items that your current customers love can even help visitors to convert into customers and can increase ROI for your ads.
  • Introducing new collection: People who are interested in your brand and visit your site are a great audience to target whenever you launch a new collection. Your re-targeting ads will catch their eyes whenever they go online. Creating a clear path back to your store so they can check out what’s new. 
  • Building brand awareness: Most people need to feel that they know you before. They decide to buy your product or services, and re-targeting keeps your brand on the top of potential customers who aren’t ready to purchase when they first visit your site.

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