Social Media design

Social media now is like a phone number. As you need a phone number and phone today in the same way you need social media agency and its designs. For businesses social media agency platforms like instagram, facebook, twitter and youtube are the platforms where you can engage with the real people who support you. It’s where you create connections, do your brand awareness and show your talent too. But don’t forget social media is competitive too. Once you publish your content, it endlessly joins many other streams of content where it will compete not only by content produced by other brands but also with platforms ranking algorithms.

Plan your social media design strategy

Here are some points you need to keep in mind before planning your social media design:

  • Evaluate the audience for current channels: You may already have targeted the audience for your brand strategy. But the audience of social media channels will produce different segments. In order to create the social media design, understand who is currently seeing your content and what type of content they need. Do this with help of conducting surveys, interviews and then see the analytics .
  • Choose the best platform to reach your audience: Social media is necessary for all businessmen but that doesn’t mean every social media platform is necessary to all businessmen. Research your options for social media platforms. And decide what is popular in your industry and what all you need. Assuming  that most popular brands may lead you to miss and small platforms may be perfect for your brand.
  • Evaluates the type of content that performs best on those platforms: Social media channels allows you to focus on the type of content. Creation and eventually how the content should be created. Some type of content you created will be set by the platforms itself. Each page should have how it works and explain the media design. Although many people have the ability to create video. And write a message on instagram, many users use links to post an article.

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