COVID-19 or corona virus was declared a deadly disease worldwide. Whole world is fighting with this virus. In India the second wave of corona virus is showing tremendous deaths and cases are rising rapidly each day. And as this virus is posed to humanity, there are few key measures that everyone can take to fight with this virus. 

While it’s crucial to maintain hygiene like washing hands frequently, use alcohol sanitizer whenever you travel outside, wear a mask, take steam and avoid touching your mouth with hands. And for this you also need to increase your immunity. Many people ask how to increase our immunity

So below are some ways to how to increase our immunity in your body:

  1. Eat breakfast: A lack of healthy breakfast will lead to a fall of sugar level and raise of stress level. This puts your body in a state of fight or flight that lowers your immune system. Eating a healthy breakfast will help you to increase your immune system and can fight with this virus also.
  2. Add zinc to your diet: Zinc is found in all your cells and it’s critical for healthy cell development and function. Zinc interacts with thousands of proteins in your body and makes around 3000 enzymes processes. It improves wound healing, thyroid function, gut health, blood coating, vision and smell. 
  3. Sufficient sleeping hours: Your body and mind needs rest in order to function properly. You need at least 6-8 hours of sleep every night. When we are sleeping our immunity is building up.  If your sleeping schedule is distured than your immunity will not get enough time to rebuild. 
  4. Yoga: Yoga and pranayam go a long way in ensuring your physical as well as mental health. Doing yoga not only boosts your immunity but also helps in controlling hormonal imbalance and fighting against diseases. 
  5. Adequate hydration: Water is one of the main sources to strengthen our body and it’s immune system. It is essential for the functioning of kidneys and removing toxins from our body. It is said that we should drink at least 8 glasses of water daily. Adequate hydration ensures that the immune system regains its strength. 
  6. Regular exercise: Yoga and exercise both keeps your body fit, active and healthy. Jogging, playing your favorite sports, cycling and running are some of the ways to increase your immune system.

Add healthy food items in your diet to increase antibody and immunity in your body:

  1. Fruits: Eat some fruits daily because they are rich in vitamins and fiber. Add fruits like orange, kiwis, lemons, grapefruits as they are rich in vitamin C – one of the biggest immune boosters. 
  2. Red bell pepper: Red bell pepper is also rich in vitamin C and helps to keep our eyes and skin healthy.
  3. Almonds: Soaking almonds overnight not only helps in boosting your immunity but also provides power to the brain to fight against the stress. Almonds increase B type cells in our body which produce antibodies. 
  4. Garlic: Garlic is antibacterial and antiviral. Two garlic cloves should be eaten everyday to increase our immunity.
  5. Yogurt: yogurt is rich in vitamin D which helps to grow immunity in our body and boost our body’s natural defense against diseases.