What Is WordPress

WordPress was launch in 2003. For making website first of all we need a domain and wordpress hosting. Then we make website on wordpress. Without wordpress hosting we can not make website. It is a open source software it is also known as Content Source Management (CMS). Here we can store our data, images, videos, text and many more on the internet and manage them. And to display on our website. We  simply make a website without knowing web designing. It is a very simplest platform for making website. Any professional website we can make on wordpress even it is statics, dynamic, blogging or even Wikipedia. We can make all types of website on wordpress. In wordpress many types of plugins are available. If we want to add any features in our website we just simply install and activate that plugins and then we can add in our website. And any theme we can add in our website.

What Makes WordPress Unique?

  • It is a user friendly.
  • In this many types of tools some are free and some low cost tools.
  • This platform are always free.
  • You have a freedom that you can modify your website via coding and any other tools.

During Pandemic 

Since last year whole world is suffering from covid-19. Everything was stopped. Every organisation, schools, colleges, institutes, industries, and many more things are closed So that time all work are done by digitally. Everyone wants to become digital. Everybody wants there own website so they can make there work digitally avoid outside work. During pandemic Atomic Technologies never diappoint and make website for clients without breaking any guidlines of covid-19.

Why Us?

So Atomic Technologies never disappoint our clients with there work. We have a Atomic team for your work. Anytime you can contact us.